King Of Lakasate VERDU

   My name is Hazem Elawady (The inventor of VERDU ). I graduated from Cairo University, holding a Bachelor in Laws. I also received my Masters degree from the same university and later I finished my masters from University of Missouri. I started my practical life as an attorney in the telecommunications field at VODAFONE and ERICSSON companies.

   In 2007 I joined ETISALAT, a new telecommunications company at that time. I started with them as the company's legal manager. We all worked so hard as a team until we make it one of the leading companies in the telecommunications market.

   I always loved to do strange things specially if it will make me happy. I also always loved to cook and never feel satisfied with traditional meals that's why I like to invent new and different kinds of meals. so I can enjoy my life. In 2011 and after I relocated to New Jersey, I started to invent my new project (Verdu) and I did many experiments until I reached the taste I was looking for. I also let many people tasted some samples at different stages of the experiments so I can know their feedback. I meant to do this with many people of different backgrounds and nationalities and worked so hard by inventing so many flavours till I reached to satisfy everyone's taste. The best thing I like about Verdu that it's 100% natural and healthy and that's the most thing everyone was looking for and here I am today presenting my project which I am sure it will be a unique taste which no one has ever tasted.

Thank you.


The king of VERDU (As they call me)



A Healthy Dessert.


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